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Published February 23, 2024 tag category
Hildi Files

A Shocking night at the movies

HI ya?ll. My name is Hildi. I am submitting this adventure in the hopes that other like minded women will send in their stories. I don?t care about your age, color, or size. I would just like to know I?m not alone with my thoughts and adventures.

I am a white girl (I am describing myself just so you can picture me in your mind as I hope you are playing with yourself reading this? as I am.) 24 years old. Red, longish hair. I stand about 5 foot 4 inches tall. I work out regularly but I am still a little round around the edges. Not fat, just a little soft in the right places. I have pretty good size breasts that I love love love to squeeze and have squeezed. Large, long nipples which I love love love to have pulled, pinched, bitten, and twisted. We?ll get to that in detail later. And lastly, I have a large very sensitive clit and a very, very hungry shaved pussy. I?m into /men/women-men/men-and-women/">men and women. Whoever can abuse my /tits/pussy-tits/pussy-and-tits/">pussy and tits the best for the longest time. I like to fill my pussy with whatever I can: cock(I love the word Cock. Gets me wet saying it, and I know you men love to hear it) dildos, vibrators, fists, objects..whatever. I guess you?ve figured out that I am a complete nasty slut with a nasty potty mouth and wouldn?t have it any other way. So fuck you if that offends you.

On to a little history: I found out at an early age that I liked it rough. My step dad spanked/beat my ass up till I was boy. It was during those very regular beatings that I discovered that when his belt or hand would miss my ass and land on my pussy I LIKED IT. At that point I started to get more creative with my masturbation. I grew tired of just my fingers slamming into my pussy. I began to use larger and longer objects to pound into my hungry pussy. Vegetables, hair brushes, flash lights, tools from the garage, anything I could fit in there. I also found out how much I loved to squeeze my tits and pinch and pull on my nipples. The harder I played with my pussy and clit, the harder I would pull on my nipples. I love, love, love this. There is nothing I love more then when I am getting fucked or fucking myself then to have my tits slapped and my nipples pulled and twisted. Ummm, I am so wet xxx sex video download free com just thinking about it. Oh, I think I forgot to tell you. In the past few years my asshole has become just as ravenous... He he, more stories there.

Let me tell you about my most recent adventure. I like to feel naughty and do naughty things to myself in public places without anyone knowing. Two days ago I felt like going to the movies and was trying to think up something fun to do to myself in the dark at the theater. I had a brain storm. You see I work for an Orthopedic office as a nurse so I have access to some fun stuff. On this night I borrowed a Tens unit. This little unit gives electrical stimulus to muscles to relieve pain. I had the bright idea to try it out on other parts of my body. I had used it on my back muscles a few months ago when I hurt myself. How you ask? Fucking of course.

One thing I do often do when going out is insert toys or vibrators up my /pussy/ass-pussy/pussy-and-ass/">pussy and ass, and strap them in so they stay in place for as long as I want them there. I bought the coolest harness on line that doubles as a strap on, depending which way the dildos a directed, in or out. On this movie night I took two of the fat, six inch dildos that came with harness and shoved them up my ass and pussy. Of course I had to move them in and out a bunch of times before I strapped them in place. Then I took my cute little Tens unit out. It has four wires coming out it with very sticky pads on the ends that conduct small electric charges.

The sticky pads are normally placed on painful muscles but I thought it would be fun to put one on my clit, one on each of my nipples and one right on my asshole. Sound like fun? Lets go to the movies.

I wore a skirt. Not short. On this trip I don?t want to attract attention. Normally when I go out I like to wear a short skirt and no panties. I like to show off my sweet bald pussy to select strangers. Not tonight. I also wore a dark pull over shirt with no bra. Again, normally I love for men to stare at my braless tits. The more they stare the harder my nipples. My sexxxx video ful hd pussy gets wet feeling their eyes on me. Not tonight. Just me and my new toy. I also put on a light jacket to further hide the electrodes on my nipples. I connected all the wires and placed the controller box in the inside pocket of my jacket. This way I have full control of the current. All set.

I called a cab to take me to the movies so I wouldn?t have to drive. Im really not sure what kind of shape I will be in to drive home after all this stimulation I intend to put myself through. I?ve never done this before so it could be great or a flop. If it?s a flop I go next door to the bar and go on to plan ?B?.

The cab came and on the way to the theater I decided to test out the unit. I turned it on to the lowest setting. Oh my. What a nice little tingle. I arrived at the moving, bought my ticket and went straight to the ladies room. I couldn?t really feel the contact on my asshole so I went in to a stall and unhooked the dildo that was up my ass. Yes, I had to /ass/ass-fucking/fuck-my-ass/">fuck my ass a little (ok, maybe more than a little). with it before I wrapped it up and put it in my purseI then replaced the electrode on my asshole. I can feel a nice tingle in my ass now. Yum. I found a seat in the back of the theatre next to a middle aged couple. This was going to be fun. I turned the controller up about to about half way. Holy shit.. I almost jumped in my seat. It was like little needles repeatedly being jabbed into my nipples, asshole and clit. It was a bit painful but at the same time wonderful. Once the movie was going for a little while I slid my hands inside my jacket like I was cold.

Cold my ass, I was burning up and I could feel my pussy getting wet. I wished I could have reached down and fingered the crap out of my pussy but that would be a little too obvious. Instead with my hands inside my jacket I began to squeeze my tits. The couple next to me never looked over. They had no idea what kind of pleasure I was giving myself. I love squeezing my tits and they were getting a gooooood hard squeezing right now. Over and over my fingers dug deep into my soft titties. I let go of one tit and turned the knob up a little more. I felt the electric needles speed up and go deeper into my nipples, clit and asshole. I went back to playing with my tits but squeezing even harder. I did this for as long as my hands could hold up and I let them rest. But no rest for my other parts. I turned the knob even higher. My nipples, clit and asshole were now into a blissful balance of pain and pleasure. The pain was getting pretty extreme. I was beginning to wonder if I was going to make it through the movie. I lasted about another painful half hour.

I was getting the feeling the movie was just about over so I got up and went to the lobby and called the cab to pick me up. My knees were having trouble holding me up. I hope I didn?t look like I was staggering. I left the controller at the same setting all this time. The pain was become a little hard to bear.

Once I was in the cab I had a ten minute ride home so I said ?Fuck It? and turned knob all the way up. This time I did jump. Shit shit shit it hurt. I wanted to turn it down or all the way off but I didn?t. I was going to see this through. My clit felt like there were a thousand needles sticking deep into it. My nipples and asshole felt equally abused. To be honest I was kinda diggin it, kinda. I had my hands back inside my jacket and was squeezing my tits just as hard as I could. Digging my nails into my own flesh. My God I could feel that my pussy was just dripping wet and ached for a good /fucking/hard-fucking/">hard fucking.

The cab pulled up in front of my house. Thank God. I threw a couple of twenties at the driver, exited the car and started running toward my front door. Shit shit fuck shit fuck. My clit, nipples and ass was on fire. Shit fuck. I got my keys out and after a couple of tries that seemed to take forever I got my door open. I got in and collapsed on to the floor onto my hands and knees. I reached into my jacket and turned the electro unit off. I couldn?t move. I just stayed in that position panting. Holy shit fuck that was intense. I kicked the door closed and slowly got to my feet. I was tingling all over. My nipples, clit and /hole/ass-hole/">ass hole had never felt so alive. I made my way to the bed room and stripped out of my clothes. I left the electrode pads attached where they were. Unsnapping the belt that was holding the dildo in my pussy I then pulled the soaking wet toy out of me. I licked and sucked the pussy juice off the dildo.

God I have a sweet tasting pussy. I was so fucking horny. I then opened the drawer that held some of my favorite toys and pulled out a large black dildo. I like this one because the end of it is tapered like a bat and easy to hold on to when I really start fucking myself. I laid down on the bed, spread my legs wide and started to rub that large black cock up and down against my pussy. I was sooo wet after my adventure that I had no problem lubing the /cock/big-cock/">big cock up. I got the head of that wonderful cock lined up with my pussy pulled it toward me. That big head entered me so smooth. I worked it in and out a few times slow just to get it nice and slippery. Fuck I needed this. Enough of this nice and easy stuff. With both hands around that cock I pulled all I could take in one deep thrust. All the way into my fucking wet slut pussy. Ahhhhh. How fucking good. Remembering I still had the electropads still on I reached over and turned the unit back on about half way. Shit, with the big cock still all the way in me and now the electric current pulsing through my pussy, tits and asshole again, this way just heaven. Pain and pleasure. I?m not going to push it past half way this time.

The last time was a little too much even for me. I pulled the dildo nearly all the out and drove it back in my /wet/pussy-wet/wet-wet-pussy/">wet wet pussy. Again, almost all the out and SLAM, back in. Out and Slam in. Out and SLAM. I started to get a real hard and fast rhythm going. I had my legs as far wide as I could get them. Exposing my pussy completely to another great fucking by Mr. Big Cock. I love being a slut. I let go of the cock with one hand and grabbed the leads that ran from the electro unit to my nipples. With both leads in my hand I pulled hard straight up, giving my nipples a good pulling as well as the needles of electricity shooting through them. Fuck that felt good. I continued to fuck my pussy with all I was worth. I was getting very close to cumming . I could feel it was going to be a good one. Fucking myself just as hard as I could and pulling at my nipples just as hard I erupted in a incredible orgasm. Over and over the waves of pleasure rolled over me as I fucked and pulled. I finished with my back arched up high. I slumped down on the bed and just laid there, breathing hard. I reached over and turned the unit off, then gently peeled the pads off my clit, /ass/tit-ass/ass-and-tits/">ass and tits. I could feel that I had a big smile on my face.

I rolled off the bed and put on some comfy clothes. It was only 9:15 and I realized I had not eaten since lunch time and was starved. Pizza sounded really good. I got on the phone and ordered one with the works. With a little luck that cute delivery guy will show up and I can tip him the same way I did last time. By sucking his nice cock down my throat mmmmmm. That story some other time. Bye for now. Happy fucking.