Birthday Treat

Published February 23, 2024 tag category
Birthday Treat

It was my thirtieth birthday and my wife Alisha had a /surprise/">surprise planned for me, it was one surprise that I will never forget. I found myself on a plane going to Amsterdam, Alisha had planned a dirty weekend for us and what better way than to spend it in Amsterdam. We did the usual, walked round the red light district, took in the sights, strolled alone the canals, but one day my wife suggested that we visit a 17th century manor house which was on the outskirts of Amsterdam. The manor was a huge big house almost like a palace, surround by big ornamental gardens. At the entrance of the estate was a stone path that run through the middle of the garden and finished at the steps of the manor. 

I rang the bell and a butler opened the door and invited us in. It was big inside with a beautiful staircase that circled up from the hall and out of sight. Looking up I could see a crystal chandelier hanging from the domed ceiling. The butler left us standing in the hall and Alisha took me by the hand and led us up this grand staircase. I asked her should we not wait until we pay for the tour but she said it was already paid for. I did think at the time how she paid for this as we had just arrived and was about to ask her when we entered one of the bedrooms and got the sight of my life.

I will first describe the room. It was 17th century decor. There were huge paintings on the walls surrounded by think red drapes. At one end of the room were two enormous French windows reaching up to the high ceiling which was artistically painted. Opposite the French windows stood a four poster bed draped with crushed red velvet which flowed down and sunk deep into the rich rugs which covered the spacious floor. At the base of the window was a single chair which is where I was seated. My wife walked over to the bed and sat down beside this other woman who was already sitting on the bed. Alisha chatted to this woman as if they had met before. This mystery woman introduced herself as Yvonne she had black shiny long hair with long legs to match and very large and rounded breasts. I could see her nipples poking through the tight fabric of her top. There were both wearing black suspenders and very tight and short mini skirts. They were chatting and laughing like as if I wasn?t there and took no notice of me. At that point my wife started to stroke Yvonne?s leg and in turn Yvonne brushed her hand against my wife?s cheek and they casually started to kiss each other lightly at first but soon it got very passionate.

My wife slipped her hand in between Yvonne?s thighs and rubbed her hand up down slowly. Alisha then grabbed Yvonne?s mini skirt and pulled it up to expose a black laced /thong/">thong, that?s when I noticed a rather large bulge. She then pulled the thong to one side and exposed Yvonne?s huge /balls/ball-cock/cock-and-balls/">cock and balls to match. Alisha squeezed Yvonne?s cock very hard and ran her hand up and down the swollen shaft very slowly. It didn?t take brains to realise that Yvonne was a shemale and very good looking shemale at that. She was moaning now as Alisha started stroking her off.
My wife told Yvonne to lay flat on the bed with her legs hanging over the side opposite me, so all I could see were two legs and a /large/large-cocks/very-large-cock/">very large cock. Alisha climbed on top so that she was facing me and stuck the tip of Yvonne?s cock in her mouth and started to suck, inch by inch her cock went slowly into her mouth until she was down to the balls and all the time she was looking at me never taking her eyes of me while she sucked this shemale off.

Finally what seemed like hours my wife stopped sucking Yvonne and walked over towards me. She asked me to get on my knees and take my shirt of which I did without hesitation. The shemale was standing right in front of me her bulging cock inches from my face. My hard-on was throbbing in my pants telling me to take her cock into my mouth but I knew enough to wait until I got instructions from my wife which thankfully didn?t take too long. Alisha told me to lick and suck the shemales balls first which I did, white attractive slutty whore xxxxvie her balls were warm and soft in my mouth. I took turns sucking each ball until my mouth hurt. Then she asked me to suck her cock but only the tip first and then on each instruction stunning brunette hussy diana xxxxpv from my wife I sucked an inch more and more until the whole thing was in my month and I was down to her balls. I was slurping noisily and greedily taking her cock into my mouth and sucking very fast as well as fondling her balls with my hand. My wife would reach down from time to time and squeeze my nipples and the harder she squeezed the harder I sucked.

I think she was about to cum when Alisha made her stop. I got of my knees and was led over to the bed were I was told to lay face down with my legs hanging over the side and before I knew it she entered me from behind slowly at first and then a little faster until she was fucking me fast and hard, it was unbelievable I could feel my hard-on pushing against my stomach with every thrust she made. I was moaning with pleasure and I was about to cum when she suddenly stopped. They then made me lay on the edge of the bed face up with my legs in the air and she stood at the foot of the bed and entered me again with very deep thrusts. She held my legs up while she fucked me good and hard. My wife joined us and started sucking me off taking all my cock into her mouth.

Before I knew what was happening they stopped. Yvonne smiled at me and moved on to the bed, she was laying flat on her back and she invited me over. I got on top of her and sat on her cock, she proceed to fuck my arse while I was bouncing up and down on my knees. I could feel her balls slapping against my arse with every movement. She was clawing at breast and squeezing my nipples harder and harder with every thrust she made. Her breasts were round and I could tell they were firm by the way they bouncing up and down I leaned over and sucked her nipples until they were hard as rocks. My wife joined us and started sucking my cock and masturbating me at the same time.

I couldn?t take it anymore I started to cum, my wife masturbated me faster and I came all over her breasts. She stood up in front of me and grabbed the back of my head and whispered in my ear to lick all the cum of her breasts which I did greedily. The shemale never stopped fucking my arse until I had licked everything up.

When I finished I got up and was led to the base of the bed I knelt down on to the floor and to my surprise my wife joined me. The shemale stood in front of us and started to masturbate herself. We took turns in sucking her off, passing her cock back and forth between us and sucking greedily until are months were numb and dry. Sometimes I would be sucking her while my wife was licking her shaft or sucking her balls and all the time the shemale was moaning softly and playing with her breasts. Yvonne took a step back and told us open our months and she shot her load into each of our mouths I could feel her cum running down my face and into my mouth hot and thick. She pulled me over and forced me to suck her until she was dry. I never saw so much cum in my life. I looked over at my wife and she was wiping the cum of her face and swallowing everything, the greedy /bitch/">bitch. I leaned over and we started French kissing and licking each other until their was no more cum left.

Afterwards we got showered and changed and left the room. Yvonne had already left but I was hoping that wouldn?t be the last I was seeing of her. We walked down the staircase towards the door when at the last second Alisha veered me away and both of us headed down another corridor I looked at Alisha and asked where are we going, she looked at me and give me a mischievous wink and simply said ?you?ve had your fun and now I am going to have my fun? and that is a another story, that as you the reader will probably read someday soon.