One Halloween Night

Published March 17, 2024 tag category
One Halloween Night

One Halloween night at a club with some mates, I was starting to get bored from the crap music being played so I decided to go over to the bar and get myself a drink. I went over to the bar and ordered my drink but noticed a very sexy little French maid at the other end of the bar she couldn't of being anymore then about 5"4 with black hair, blue eyes, slim build and a set of beautiful 36DD breasts. I walked over to her after getting my drink, she was with a friend so I asked them do they want me to buy them a drink, they smiled and said "okay", "what will it be then ladies" they ordered drinks and we got talking, her name was Lauren and her friend is called Jess. Jess had got her phone out and out of the blue said "we have to go I have to get home", I didn't want Lauren to go so I asked Jess "if you want, I can take Lauren home" Jess replied 'that would be great, if that ok with you Lauren?" Lauren nodded and said 'that fine with me". When Jess had gone, Lauren looked a bit nervous because she downed the rest of her drink and started to finish what was left of Jess's drink.

We talk a little longer at the bar and after id bought Lauren a few more drinks she heard a song being play that she loved, she grabbed my hand and lead me over to some seats in the club, pushed me into the seat and straddled me, she downed the last little bit of her drink and starts dancing and pulsating on top of me basically giving me a lap dance, it was great I was trying not to get a hard on but it was no use she was to sexy. I didn't want the song to end but when it ended it was time for the club to close, it was about 3 or 4 o"clock in the morning and id only had one little drink so I could drive home, we got in the car and started driving "do you want to come back to mine for a bit first, before I take you home?" I said. She wasn't nervous anymore because we had got to know each other a little, she was about to answer as she noticed I was still rock hard from the lap dance she just gave me 'sure we can go back to your place for a bit" as she smiled and looked at me up and down.

We pull up next to my place and I let her in, she walked in to the living room and said "wow it's a nice place you got here, I bet the bedrooms nice to" as she giggled a little, I was a little surprised from what she just said but I decided to play along "well do you want to see the bedroom?" she smiled and grabbed my hand "lead the away" I lead her up the stairs and into my bedroom, she let out a little squeal "on bathroom" she went in and said "I'm just going to freshen up". I put on some music in the background and sat on the bed waiting for her, as she opens the door I notice that I could not see the French maids outfit anymore, she came round the door and my jaw drops as she stand in the door way with the sexiest pair of silk black and red bra and set I have ever seen with stockings and high heels. My cock was going down from the lap dance at the club but seeing her wearing this my cock shot straight back to attention, she walked over to me on the bed and said "you like?", with my jaw still on the floor from how she looked and knowing how nervous she was when I first met her all I could say was 'mhmm".

She climbed on to the bed on all fours and put her hand on my thigh sliding it up to my crotch, as she starts rubbing my through my jeans, I pulled her close to me and kiss her softly on the lips as she starts to undo my jeans. I take off my shirt and kiss slowly down her neck, I unclip her bra letting it fall to the floor as I move down her body kissing softly. She pulls on my jeans pulling them down to my ankles, I pull myself to the top of the bed as she pulls my real forced anal against her will boxes down revealing my 7 an a half inch cock, as she prowls up the bed to my cock like a tiger prowling for food, I rub my cock letting out a little pre cum. She grabs the base of my cock rubbing up and down licking the pre cum off the tip of my cock, I let out a little moan as she put my cock into her mouth and grinds up and down the shaft, playing with the tip of my cock with her tongue making me moan more and more.

"Ah ah aaah your not cumming yet" she says smiling as she stops playing with my cock and kisses up my body, as she straddles me she move her thong to a side and sits on me easing my cock into her inch by inch, she lets out a moan as she starts bouncing up and down on my cock slowly getting faster, I start to rub her breasts as she bounces up and down on me then I move my hands down her perfect body to her hips and suddenly start ramming her down on my cock, she screams and moans as I get faster and harder "oh yes, oooh, yes right there" she says xnxxv sunny leone video digging her nails into my chest, as I continue getting harder feeling myself building up to blow my load, "oh yes harder" she says bending over and kissing me then she whispers in my ear with a slight moan in her voice "empty yourself inside me" I smile and kiss her, as I build myself up to blow my load. She starts to rub her breasts and moan louder, then I feel a shiver from her beautiful body as she digs her nails in my chest and she screams "I'm cumming", well from all the juices flooding from her onto my cock I couldn't help myself but empty my load inside her, she lifts off me and smiles as she says "what a mess I"ve made, I'll clean up" acting as if she was still a French maid.

She crawls down the bed and grabs my cock licking the cum all the way up the shaft to the tip 'mmm clean it good or you wont get your tip" I said with a smile, she smiles back and put my cock in her mouth sucking and licking the mix of her cum and mine off my cock. I moan a little as she started to suck harder and put my cock further into her mouth, suddenly she felt my balls tighten as she rams my cock all the way down her throat, I moan feeling the sensation of her throat swallowing my whole cock, I felt a shiver down my spin as I moaned "I'm cumming". She holds my whole cock in her mouth as I blow the rest of my cum down her throat, letting no drips of cum escape from her mouth she swallows every drop and collapsing next to me on the bed.

All I can say it that was the best Halloween I ever had.

This is my first story so set me know what you thing please.